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Adam Lance Leibowitz

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

Cell: (862) 505-6398

Instagram: @AdamLanceLeibowitz


Brent Rogol

Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker

Cell: (917) 903 3284

Instagram: @The_Rogol_Report


Nancy Shehadeh

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

Cell: 973.309.4457

Instagram: @NancSheh


Devin Hugh Leahy | Co-Founder | Sales Director

Devin is a born and raised Manhattanite who worked for his father, a landlord and general contractor in the city, helping with high-end gut renovations for as long as he can remember. Real estate and New York City have always been deeply embedded in his inner fabric. So much so that Devin became project manager for his dad's company, and left a lucrative position in hospitality to pursue his dream of residential sales. "Real estate is not a pit stop for me; it is my final destination - a longstanding career where I plan to grow and prosper," he says. 

Devin takes pleasure in being a trusted advisor and making life easier for his clients, ensuring that they feel comfortable and well informed along the way. He listens intently to your needs, and will dig for answers when questions arise as he likes doing all the research and legwork so you won't have to. Devin also accommodates his clients' schedules, and takes as much stress out of the equation as possible by being knowledgeable, patient, hardworking and efficient. 

As former manager and food and beverage director for Cipriani USA, Devin learned that serving clients is something which comes naturally to him and is extremely rewarding. He enjoys building the bridge between his love of Manhattan and understanding of people and their differing needs as a dedicated agent. "I am diligent, respectful, and deeply bound by the happiness of my client. I look at the real estate business through the same lens as with hospitality; it is all about customer satisfaction!"

An eighth generation New Yorker, Devin attended the Trevor Day School from nursery through high school and was a two time captain of Hunter College’s championship soccer team where he majored in economics. He has lived downtown in a co-op, on the Upper East Side in a condo, on the Upper West Side in a brownstone, on Riverside Drive overlooking the Hudson, in the vibrant East Village, on Prince and West Broadway in Soho and currently resides in the Financial District. Devin was a top producing agent for the Luis D. Ortiz team from Bravos “Million Dollar Listing” and recently founded The LS Team where he specializes in working with primary residential buyers, investors, and prides himself on marketing and rebranding property.


Ariel Sassoon | Co-Founder | Creative Director

Ariel is a creative visionary. With a vast international network, an incredible energy, and an undying loyalty to his clients, Ariel has the motivation, the Rolodex and the stellar reputatation to assure that you succeed in your real estate endeavors. With 3 years experience in finance with Mizuho Securities USA, his years of in-depth exposure to the financial markets, market trends, and how real estate reacts to economic activity enables him to show his clients the numbers, and explain the upside of investing in the residential marketplace.

Ariel created and continues to produce a highly successful Vlog (video-blog) on Facebook & YouTube, with over 80 films produced and edited by Ariel, focused on the residential marketplace and documenting the journey of his team. His unique marketing and strategic branding visions have created a platform for high level creative marketing, specializing in luxury homes, including apartments, townhouses and new development. 

Ariel has obtained an extraordinary knowledge of Manhattan's inventory and the intricacies of the condominium and co-op systems, since the early stages of his career, beginning with his first sale at 900 Fifth Avenue. He lives, breathes and loves his work, and is an absolute success-driven professional. "I provide a level of service, unequaled by my competitors, because my vision is unique and borders ‘risky' to achieve results" he says. .."Utilizing my tremendous tenacity, unique market insight and creative strategic marketing, I help buyers and sellers achieve the best deals in the least amount of time. My approach is to create draw and allure with the inventory I represent, promising my clients that I will create more opportunity for them to succeed than any other real estate professional can” 

A native of Long Island, with extensive sales experience on the North shore, Ariel was born and raised by the strong arms of an international business family, learning the values of success, hard work and dedication from a very early age.  Working with Ariel is a unique and exciting experience. 


Brent Rogol

Brent Rogol believes there must always be trust, truth and understanding between him and his clients to maximize results. Because he knows the financial and emotional significance of a real estate transaction, he prides himself on being highly accessible and communicative at all times to guide clients through the process. 

Brent is extremely caring in his approach, and intuitive in his ability to read people. His dedication to clients seeking or selling real estate in Manhattan is completely genuine. Brent came to the world of residential sales and rentals in Manhattan after seven years working in the commercial real estate market. He enjoys working with people, being an involved and proactive partner in finding them a home


Adam Lance Leibowitz

Adam is upbeat, engaging and very generous with his time to make sure you find your perfect place. His optimistic, fun attitude makes the journey a pleasure where every question is welcome and answered quickly with a smile. 

Like a fine concierge that anticipates your needs, Adam listens and works tirelessly with you to assure your desires are met and your comfort is always top of mind. Adam is 24/7 there to make it happen for you. He is considerate and understanding of the fine details that make your home a haven. 

Born in New York City, he enjoyed his formative years on the Upper East Side. His family moved to Harding Township, NJ so he is familiar with life in and out of the city. He attended Suffield Academy in Connecticut and graduated from Lynn University in Boca Raton where he studied Advertising and Public Relations graduating Magna Cum Laude. 

Adam's charm and entrepreneurial spirit is bolstered by his family upbringing in the real estate and hospitality industries. Adam has held internships in real estate prior to graduating from Lynn University. After Lynn he pursued commercial real estate and then moved to New York City to switch paths to residential real estate. Adam's work motto is: "The harder I work, the luckier I get!" 

Adam currently resides in Murray Hill. Adam is well traveled, charming, and definitely the one to call for seamless service with a quick turnaround. 

Nancy Shehadeh

Nancy loves working one on one with clients to not only find the perfect home, but also educate them on their desired neighborhoods. "I don't believe my clients are settled until they know where to get their morning coffee and are on a first-name basis with their local dry cleaner!" 

In addition to the brokerage side, Nancy worked in the property management/real estate investment end of the industry, gaining valuable experience and insights. Prior to catching the real estate bug, she was in the medical field, pretty much since birth, with her two parents physicians. 

Nancy spent her early career shadowing in the cardiology department at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. Because of her upbringing, she lives to aid others! She developed a keen interest in real estate along the way. "Helping and engaging with people gets me up and motivated in the morning!" 

Born in New York City, Nancy was raised in Short Hills, NJ. She studied Business Entrepreneurship and thrives on the art of the deal. Nancy currently lives on the Upper East Side but also resided in and is familiar with Hell's Kitchen and the Lincoln Square area. She will work anywhere in Manhattan to satisfy her clients' needs. 

Personally, Nancy is passionate about fashion and architecture, and always on the hunt to find great new restaurants to recommend to her clients.