160 Leroy Street [PURCHASER]

Devin is a superstar. He has the desire of an agent who just started in the industry, but the skillset of a seasoned veteran. I was looking to purchase my first apartment and was convinced that the only neighborhood I wanted to live in was Lenox Hill. After seeing our first unit together Devin sent over a dozen other listings with a similar criteria to review. He listened to everything I had to say, absorbed my feedback, and within a week pushed me to see an apartment on the other side of the city in the West Village! I ended up signing a contract shortly thereafter, and Iā€™m still thrilled with my decision a year later. Devin fought hard for me during the negotiation process and put me in touch with all the necessary vendors. Most importantly, he conducted himself with the highest level of class and integrity the entire time.

Josh Sasouness

Founder & CEO | Dwight Capital