718 Broadway, 8-A [SELLER]

Devin and his team took over the sale of my property in 2019. It previously sat on the market for several years on and off the market from 2014-2017 and it was unable to sell with another broker during this period. When I revisited the idea of selling the property, Devin was able to communicate a successful plan of action to sell the property and did successfully under difficult circumstances with a tenant I had in the unit. He was accessible and knowledgeable and followed through with what he has promised me. He was able to successfully sell my property and navigate the entire process all while I was oversees. He also put me in touch with a legal and accounting team that we instrumental in the successful sale. I would recommend hiring Devin and his team if they are truly interested in selling their property as they are relentless in their efforts until the job is done.


-          Giovanna Cipriani – Seller of 8-A at 718 Broadway